SEO Results for Small Business

Small Business SEO Results

If you are a small business a local trade a sole trader and you want more customers via your website then Deepblue Digital can help. The main image is a genuine client of Deepblue, he has seen a massive increase in calls, form fills and visits to his website since he started doing SEO with … Read more

SEO Guide (Search Engine Optimisation)

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Keyword Research A good place to start work with SEO is keyword research. Google Analytics (GA) and Google Keyword Planner are two vital tools for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and keyword research. Amongst many other things, Google Analytics allows you to monitor how well your website is ranking based on keyword searches. Google Keyword Planner … Read more



If you are not marketing day in day out, it may feel like you are swimming against the tide and getting nowhere. You need experienced help in these deep waters. You need outside help, a company that works continually on digital marketing and SEO. Here are our top 5 tips for what you should be doing and how this might help you.