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Link Building:

A search engine optimization technique which increases the number and quality of incoming links from external sources, with the intention of increasing a web page’s link popularity, and therefore helping increase a web page’s position in the search engines.

Link Building is a major factor of search engine optimisation; search engines use a link’s popularity as a way to rank web sites. Including links to your web site from other quality web sites improves a site’s rankin. Link Building is an extremely important part of SEO

Content Based Link Building:

This type of link building aims to provide links to your web site, via sites which contain similar content to your own; this is where the best links come from. It can be difficult to attain links fromhighly reputable sites, but this is still more beneficial than many links from unpopular sites and is worth the extra effort.

Quality Links:

Link Building is not just about getting as many links as possible, where the link comes from is an important factor in Link Building. Links which originate from a web site containing similar content, or is trusted makes an ideal link when Link Building

Incoming Links should be:

Link Baiting:

There are many different types of Link BuildingLink Baiting requires creating content that is relevant and will attract links to your web site. We work with our clients closely to determine what is the best type of content to implement, that will generate the best amount of natural links to their web site. Types of content that can be used include:

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