Simple Ways To Optimize Your Website For SEO

The simple answer is to be honest and work hard, sorry, but that’s the only way.

Build a website with relevant content that is rich and original on the topic you are wanting to rank for. Make that the best content you can. Make it in-depth and interesting.

Be Honest about SEO

Keep adding to that content.

Go out into the market place and publish more of that content on relevant websites.

But be honest about what you are doing.

Don’t buy a thousand low-quality links

Don’t scrape and copy content from other websites

Love the subject you are promoting, be it plumbing, cupcakes, furniture or coaching.

Be the best and offer the most honest information on that topic, engage in that industry and make contacts and Google will never penalise you for that.

Make your site fast and user-friendly

Give Google all the information you can on each page, include all your keywords.

Make it easy for visitors to call, contact, fill out a form or have an instance message on the site.


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Eat Your Money or Your Life

If you are selling medical drugs, herbal remedies, chiropody, alternative medicine, massage etc show your qualifications, associations, and governing groups, make Google confident in your website.

The same applies to Finance, Law, Loans, Insurance. You must associate with the governing bodies for these areas. You must also show your own qualifications for this area. Or get the the approval of an external specialist, Doctor, Lawyer, IFA etc

Get to know the acronyms E.A.T and Y.M.Y.L.

Be honest, be truthful, do no evil and you should be okay.

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