4 Ways to Transform Your Blog Into a SEO Machine

A blog or news section can be the lifeblood of your website. Constantly changing articles and updates on your industry give Google plenty of signals that your site is up to date and heading towards been an authority in your chosen industry. Here we discuss how to transform your Blog into and SEO Machine with plenty of power to bring you new customers and improve your Google ranking.

Grammar and Spelling.

Quality writing is key to any successful blog or news article. IT has to offer worth to the reader and something they have not heard read before. A well-written article needs to have some meat on the bones, be correct grammatically and no spelling mistakes. Make sure you proofread your article many times and get others to read it before releasing it into the wild. Nothing smacks of unprofessionalism than a badly written article from a grammatical standpoint.


  • Check and recheck your article.
  • Allow others to read it before going live.
  • Get some inside news or juicy facts to back up your article.
  • Try being a bit controversial if you can, stand out.


Demonstrate The Differences

Stand out from the crowd with your articles. Be bold and be interesting. Offer information with a difference, be ahead of the trend. Do your research. If you can get some or all of these right, you are on your way to an article that could get picked up and could go viral.

If you are writing an article for SEO purposes, long gone are the days of keywords stuffing. Google has advanced its algorithm so much further than just looking for keywords. Google can now semantically understand an article and what the intent of that article is. Although it does not hurt to mention the keywords you are wanting to rank for, so as not to be too obtuse. Remember you are talking to humans primarily and Google second.

seo goal

How to find your brand message?

What is it that sets your brand apart from others. You might be one of many IT Companies, Web Design Companies or SEO companies. You need to find your elevator pitch. What describes your company in 30 seconds. What do you offer that maybe others do not?

1. What is it about your service or product that makes it unique?

Look at your service level offering. What makes you different? How are you unique. If you are not able to find something unique about your company then maybe this is an opportunity to create something unique. This could be a great exercise for you.

2. What value do you provide to your customers or clients?

Speak to your customers and understand why they are with you. Was it one thing that made them sign up. Was it a person or attitude in the business that caused them to choose you above any other company. Find this out and you have plenty of information to write many blog articles.

3. Who is your ideal customer/client?

Looking at your client base. Who do you work best with? We all have clients that are more trouble than they are worth. We have clients that we hardly speak to and yet they remain good clients. Then we have clients who are a joy to work with, they push you forwards and feel benefit from you pushing back. These are the clients we want more of. These are the clients who we need to aim our articles towards and attract more of the same.


4. What’s the #1 goal you have when it comes to your website?

Finally, what is the goal of your website, what is the goal of the articles you are writing? Do you want more visitors to the site? Do you want to be an influencer in the marketplace? Do you want to raise brand awareness and come out of the shadows with a startling article that gets picked up. Or are you just happy to keep your present clients up to date and well informed? You need to decide the reasons you are writing.