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Although press advertising in the local printed newspaper has declined considerably since its heyday of the 70's and 80's Deepblue still get requests to produce the odd printed ad or two. One of our clients Crampton and Moore still gets a lot of mileage producing a single ad in the Harrogate advertiser every month for its Harrogate Store.

Press Advertising Design

Crampton and Moore come to Deepblue because we have many years experience producing press advertising. We are able to create a good looking press advertisement that works on many levels to attract the admittedly older demographic of Harrogate that still enjoys a newspaper. This month we were tasked with launching the summer sale and advertising some amazing bargains and sale reductions on their tv range and white goods. We came up with a vibrant colourful design that highlights the best sellers and works hard to attract the attention of the casual reader. The design attracts the eye immediately with the splash of colour in the top left leading into the headline and radiating background. We choose images to appear on the TV's that reflect the summer theme and we then pick out unique selling points (USP's) for each offer that we believe would interest the customer. The pricing of each item is picked out in a vibrant colour that draws in the eye to read more. Finally the base block is applied with details necessary to get in touch or visit the store. Throughout there are price matching assurances and indications of savings to be made. All of which should add together to make not only an ad that will stand out from the crowd and grab the attention. But then draw in the customer to visit the store or call up for a chat.

If you are interested in the way Deepblue produces attractive advertisement design for the press, magazines, leaflets and more then please give us a call on 0113 237 0555.

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