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Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration of your old and valuable photographs is best performed by a professional with many years experience in the world of photo retouching. Web design and web build is the same. You would not trust your beloved family photo repair to just anyone. In the same way you would not trust your business website design to just anyone. Hence the reason Fix-Your-Pix came to Deepblue-digital when the time came to re-design their existing website.

Deepblue digital had designed and built the original Fix-Your-Pix many years ago. In that time Fix-Your-Pix had become well known as the place to go for photo repair and photo restoration. Since the last site had been built many years ago Google has altered the search algorithm considerably and changed many requirements for what denotes a quality website and how it should be ranked. Deepblue-digital is constantly researching and understanding the changes Google makes to the search algorithm. Improvements in site security i.e. using https instead of http are now a website requirement even on a non e commerce website. Site speed has come back on the table after a slight relegation as a priority in the early year, and clean code, smaller image sizes etc help with this. The main change in the years since the last Fix-Your-Pix site had been built was the modern prevalence of mobile devices. These days a website has to respond to the myriad of different phones, tablets, pads and high definition screens.

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Further to this Fix-Your-Pix had learned over the years what the stumbling blocks were to customers not going ahead with a purchase and abandoning the cart. So Deepblue-digital helped develop a more streamlined upload system that worked on mobile devices as well as desktop. This combined with a client approval system of photos retouched and a quicker payment systems have meant that Fix-Your-Pix is seeing a massive increase in orders.

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This is also aided by Deepblue-digital working on the SEO campaign, helping with page ranking for the chosen keywords. Deepblue have also taken over management of the PPC campaign in the short term to boost sales quickly but carefully. So all round, from design, through to build, programming and marketing it is the kind of service Deepblue-digital loves to offer and enjoys working on.