What the Deepblue Agency offers in the first 4 months…

Simply put, we offer the programming, technical, marketing and creative expertise to action these tactics on a time spent basis as agreed and move forward with an ongoing strategy.
As we get to know the company and industry better we will be able to propose more and more in terms of tweaks, improvements and marketing.

Month 1 of SEO

  • Onsite Pass/Fail Report
  • Agree/Discuss main keywords to track
  • Set up Deepblue Rank Tracking Software
  • Gain access to site’s FTP and CMS
  • Gain access to social media accounts
  • Set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Begin work on the basic SEO features

Month 2 of SEO

  • First month Analytics review/improvements
  • Any previous basic SEO work not complete
  • Inbound marketing link acquisition
  • Find related forums and blogs for outreach
  • Establish a content marketing strategy
  • First blog post and social work

Month 3 of SEO

  • Analysis and Report of previous months work
  • Start to focus on technical aspects of SEO
  • Continue with the content marketing strategy/link acquisition/outreach
  • Further keywords to focus on
  • Blog Post number 2

Month 4 of SEO

  • The site’s rankings should be steadily increasing by now
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Blog number 3
  • Continue with content marketing/link acquisition/outreach
  • Arrange a meeting to discuss further options

Month one in detail

The first month is primarily about the basics. It is vital we have all the essentials prepared in order to begin a successful SEO campaign. This will include gaining access to the website, social media accounts, the blog page and Google analytics.

It is also extremely important to discuss the targeted keywords. There is little benefit to either party working on irrelevant keywords with 0 search volume. Instead, a detailed keyword research will highlight the best options to work on.

These keywords will be logged in our very own rank tracker. This allows us to monitor the success of the SEO campaign, in particularly how well each keyword phrase is performing. You will receive a report at the end of each month expressing the data from this tool.

Finally in month one, we can begin work on the basic SEO. Setting the foundations of the site is key to a long and successful marketing campaign. The basics are the first thing Google will look at on your site, so optimising these perfectly is paramount. The features include title tags, META descriptions, Alt Tags and Heading tags.

Month two in details

If the basics haven’t been completed in month one, the priority will be to get these finished. Depending on the size of the site, this is either a 1 hour job or 5 hour job.

The SEO done in month one should have had some effect and using the rank tracker and Google Analytics will give us an indication that our efforts are working. We will keep you up to date with any significant changes in the rankings.

The majority of month two will consist of strategy development. Content marketing, link acquisition, outreach and social media are extremely vital factors of SEO and ensuring these are planned correctly can be crucial to increasing rankings.

Content marketing is the biggest buzzword in SEO at the moment and doing this correctly increases the chances of social shares, link building and brand awareness. This will involve blog posts, onsite content and guest blogging.

We will also be ensuring the social media side of your business is up to scratch. This includes images, branding and links. Social media makes up the majority of the top 20 SEO ranking factors.

Month three in details

All the strategies should now be in place, all the basics completed and the first blog post written, socially shared and outreached.

We can now begin to look behind the scenes of your site and focus on the technical aspects of SEO. Ensuring the technical side of your site will benefit the site in the long run due to them being ranking factors. This will include sitemaps, robots.txt files, canonical tags, internal linking and any design changes.

During this month, we will also have some firm evidence of how well the keywords are ranking and which SEO techniques are working the best. Based on this, it is often worthwhile adding some more keywords to the list or changing the focus to some different ones. The benefit of this is more of your keyword phrases being ranked, but it also allows Google to continue indexing the new SEO and content, resulting in increased rankings.

We will be continuing with the content marketing, social media and link acquisition throughout this month and will be an ongoing feature.

Month 4 in detail

Continuing with our strategies, we will do a blog post and continue to work on the social media, content marketing and link building.

With this being potentially your final month of SEO with Deepblue, we will invite you in for a discussion about our services and your plans going forward. We will review the final rankings using the rank tracker and Google Analytics and show you the positive effects Deepblue have had.


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