SEO ROI Infographic

How do you know that the money you are paying into SEO is actually returning itself to you in the form of sales, new clients and turnover? How are you measuring the numbers, testing the statistics, proving it is worth doing?

SEO ROI Infographic

The Holy Grail of many SEO companies is simply to rank you number one for your chosen keyword or phrase in the hope this brings more traffic, conversions and sales. People instinctively understand this requirement, but do not understand what this actually means in terms of numbers for a given industry and how this converts into a return. Further to this, is it worth the extra cost and effort to get to number one or two, or is it a waste of money and would positions 3, 4 or 5 be just as affective?

The Deepblue Agency can show you the amount of traffic Google expects for a phrase when it is ranked on a certain position on a certain page. We can then show you the percentages of the Click Through Rate (CTR) for those positions and finally the expected percentage of sales based on the CTR. If we then combine this with your average sales value, we can directly prove what the benefits and costs of ranking in a certain position for a certain phrase are.

We can go further into the details of a ranking as there are three types, BRANDED (ie your company name) TERM (ie shoes) GEO (as in shoes London) each of these has varying percentages attracted to it. This is further complicated by each industry category as shown below.

Example CTR Rates:


78% CTR First Result

11% CTR Second Result

4% CTR Third Result

7% CTR The Rest

Computers and Consumables

39% CTR First Result

9% CTR Second Result

8% CTR Third Result

44% CTR The Rest

There are many industries in between all with different results. For a full breakdown, check this infographic here

This is a very quick overview of some of the measurement we apply to SEO at the Deepblue Agency, there is a lot more we can discuss. If you would like to know more, understand your numbers  and discuss your requirements further click on the link below.

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