SEO do’s and dont’s for 2015

SEO has changed considerably in the last year or more and in the last 6 months, many things have come to a head in terms of the future of SEO. So with that in mind the Deepblue agency have put together a list of proposed DO’s and DON’Ts for 2015.


The Deepblue Agency started stopping using the phrase SEO many months ago. With some clients we still like to use it as they feel they know what they are getting when we talk about SEO. So usually in our first meetings we start to try and dispel the idea of SEO and begin to call it a more general term, Digital Marketing. The reasoning being SEO should now be a subset of Marketing as a whole. We have taken the best bits of SEO and used them to inform the marketing strategy as a whole.


Look around you on the bus, at your family, in a cafe. Everyone is heads down staring at a mobile device. The mobile revolution is upon us and statistics prove it is getting bigger by the week. If your website is not mobile friendly or responsive to the different screen sizes available, you will lose out to your competitors.

You website should not look like a smaller version of your site on a mobile, it should be a completely different design that accommodates the screen shape and size.


Simply put, ranking for certain keywords, while still important is no longer the be all and end all. Getting on page one, (the aim of many SEO companies for many years) is losing ground to attribution. Attribution is now a measurement in Google analytics asking where did the customer come from and what channel brought them here. Was it from PPC, Organic, Social, Email, You Tube or even from a Radio Commercial or Leaflet Drop. Google is starting to take all these elements into account.


Google CEO Eric Schmidt in 2008 stated that the internet was a “cesspool and a breeding ground of false information’ how do we sort out this problem? Brands, brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.” This statement gives some insight into how Google wants the internet to work going forwards. A brand is you or your company. A brand has been built up over time, has trust, has long existing clients and is not fly by night, here today and gone tomorrow. Get to work building your brand, no matter how small or one man band you think you are, act like a quality brand.


Due to the fact link building has been gamed so much over the years, Google is trusting back links less than ever. It is now looking at Brand Mentions and Citations. These are often articles containing a mention of your brand or a citation. The article does not have to have a physical link back to your website attached to it. Google is trusting brand and attributions more than a backlink that may have been created artificially.


The creativity surrounding a piece of collateral such as a YouTube Video, Infographic, or a well researched, well written article show to Google that you are spending time and effort creating these things They are a genuine attempt on your part to build your brand and that you want to create awareness of your product and get it out there. Creativity, once all the technical work has been done, is what you should be aiming for. Creativity not just in the piece created, but how it is to be communicated.

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