Designing your social media pages to encourage site traffic and conversions

Still not convinced about using Social Media for your business?

Still unsure of the best way to go about engaging in Social Media?

Need help setting up your social business pages?

Need advice on writing engaging content?

Here are some interesting social media facts that should convince you to jump in:

· Social media made up 7 out of the top 11 most important search engine ranking factors in 2014.

· The amount of searches done using search engines is decreasing, while the number of searches on Facebook and Twitter are increasing.

· 72% of internet users are active on social media

· The UK spends approximately 13 minutes of every hour on social media

· 70% of marketers used Facebook and 34% of marketers used Twitter to gain new customers.

· Google+ is growing by 33% a year

· Twitter is the fastest growing social network

At Deepblue, we have an expert, in-house team ready to design, create and implement your new social media strategy. With social media making up 7 of the top 11 most influential rankings factors, it is more important than ever to make sure your social media presence is implemented correctly.

Having been in the marketing industry for a number of decades, we have monitored the rise of social media carefully, constantly evolving our own business, as well as our client’s businesses, preparing them for the social world we live in today.

Whilst the likes of Facebook and Twitter have been around for a while, it is only recently that the business benefits have emerged. Localised searches, the ease of uploading videos and images and the ease at which you can advertise to millions of people have aided this ‘social boom’ we are in the middle of.

Having a functional, well-designed, well-implemented social strategy for your business is rapidly becoming the most important aspect of a marketing plan. This starts with the design…

We have a wealth of experience in designing attractive, easy to use social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Having an attractive social media presence that represents your company increases brand awareness and brand personality, making your business a more desirable one, as well as a recognisable one.

Below are recent examples of our design work on social media… See how the websites warm, inviting and unique colour scheme is reflected in the Facebook page. This encourages brand awareness and brand recognition, 2 essential features of the marketing strategy.

Facebook Profile




Social media is growing and will continue to do so. Make sure you are prepared to grow with it, by having beautifully designed Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages created by Deepblue.

If you would like help with implementing or improving your social meda profile, please call now on 0113 288 8522 and we would be happy to chat.

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