Search Engine Optimisation FAQ's

In our many years of providing quality SEO services we have come across a lot of SEO frequently asked questions of a similar nature. We thought we would list these below to allow you to make a more informed choice about your SEO objectives and decisions. If these questions do not answer all your queries please either ring Jason or Emma on 0113 288 8522 or fill our our enquiry form here.

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1) If I wanted to optimise my website and start Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), should I have to sign up to a long-term contract?
2) I have a rough idea of what I would like my website to look like, but can you help with design?
3) My son-in-law can build my website, would it be cheaper to use him?
4) Will you optimize our on site content and links?
5) How would you ensure we are listed on the most powerful website directories such as
6) Will you build links to our website from high quality related websites. Will you be approaching owners of other websites and asking if they would like content on their website or blog in return for a link back to our website?
7) Will you make the onsite website changes for us directly to our code?
8) Should my website be regularly reviewed when implementing SEO?
9) How many keywords are available to choose from?
10) How many will be priority keywords? What are your suggested priority keywords?
11) On your suggested keywords, how long will it take to reach number 1,2 or 3 on page 1 Google?
12) How much traffic are we expecting to receive through our website after say 3 months?
13) Will we have monthly updates / meetings where you will analyze the traffic to my website in detail, explaining increased traffic, page views, bounce rate (the percentage of people who land on our website then ‘bounce’ straight back off it because it was not what they were looking for)?