Google Not Provided what does it mean to your SEO


Google is moving the goalposts once again in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The world is tilting, there is a major change afoot.

Let me explain…

Up until recently Google allowed SEO Analysts, Marketeers and Webmasters the ability to see what keywords visitors were searching to find their websites. We could check this via Google analytics and use the information to adapt the website to visitors needs and how we focused SEO campaigns.
Soon this will no longer be the case. As you can see from the attached image, a new search metric has appeared within Google analytics called ‘Not Provided’. This appears when visitors search from a secure network (httpS). Google has decided that those searching from a secure connection would prefer the details of their search not revealed in Google Analytics, therefore they have encrypted their keywords.

Previously, ‘Not Provided’ only accounted for a small percentage of the keyword data within Google Analytics. Over the last few weeks the percentage has increased to the point it is now the majority of the keyword data (as shown in the image below). There have been a few cases of keyword data turning into 100% ‘(not provided)’.
There are many ideas as to why Google is doing this. The primary one is obviously revenue. Threats from third party software that uses this information to re-market or re-target advertising to surfers.So how can you get round this and check the quality of a search term quickly. The only quick route in future will be via Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Not Provided is not applied to PPC accounts, which means we will have to pay Google PPC fees to get the data we need about a keyword or phrase.
An alternative route to evaluate your keyword effectiveness is by monitoring which pages get the most referrals from Google Search and compare this to your keyword rankings. This allows us to presume that if our keywords are high in the search engine ranking pages (SERPS) and the targeted page is receiving a large number of visits that we are receiving traffic from those keywords.

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