The New Google Dance and should you App or WebApp?

So Google have moved the goal posts once again. Positions are changing, people are confused, upset, losing business. Link building on certain levels is seen as a no no, to the point where reports are appearing of people unlinking bad or dodgy links. Content is the new focus, quality content, relevant content and changing content.

Meanwhile iPads, Tablets and Phones become more ubiquitous and the preferred vehicle for viewing online. Should you have an App built or should you have a WebApp built?.

At Deepblue we would suggest in the first instance building a WebApp, this is simply a resized or reconfigured version of your website designed for Tablets and Phones. It is not the same as an App and costs nowhere near as much to develop kwo online casino nz. Call and speak to Emma on 0113 288 8522 and we can give you a competitive quote.

If you want to know more about what is happening with Google and how you might retain or improve your website rankings call and speak to Jason on 0113 288 8522
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For further information about The Deepblue Agency and what else we can do to help your company both online and offline visit our website here.

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