Ignore SEO at your peril!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is more commonly known should be taken into account the moment your web designer starts to put his or her ideas down on paper (or screen).

SEO should have been discussed right from the start and a SEO budget allowed for. SEO is the ways and means by which a website is found on the internet. Without some form of Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing plan your website will never recieve the web traffic it deserves. To begin with owners were often dismissive of SEO with an attitude of, build it and they will come. This is no longer the case as SEO has come of age and a structured measurable approach to marketing your website can now be achieved.

At Deepblue-digital SEO plays a large part in all our website builds. Even if you have presently little budget to allocate to SEO we will make sure that on the point of delivery your website is fully SEO’d as best we can. SEO is an ongoing process and neglected, your website will start to slip down the rankings or not even rank effectively at all.

There are many factors that Google and others use to rank a website, some say in the region of 200. These ranking factors are both on site and off site. Initially a website should be built with consideration of as many on site SEO ranking factors as possible. If there is little budget for SEO then these on site factors can be quite general in terms of the keywords and phrases the website is aiming for. The main thing is to let Google now what the website and each page is concerned with. The bigger job is off site SEO and this can include many things from simple directory listing to Blog writing, PR and even TV and radio could be considered SEO if it attracts traffic to the website.

Article Written by Jason Cook

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