Have you pandered to the Panda update?

Just a quick update if you were confused by last years PANDA update in February 2011 and what it meant for your website. Named after the creator of the algorithm called Navneet Panda the first rollout of Panda targetted what are called ‘thin’ content sites of low quality and low value. Sites that contain badly written, copied or keyword stuffed articles of little value to the consumer also known as ‘farmed’ content, hence the original name of the ‘Farmer’ update. The original implementation was rolled out in America and affected around 12% of websites. Other iterations were rolled out to the English speaking and then non english speaking areas of the web over the next year.

Below is a smashing infographic from the boys at Search Engine Land that explains in more detail about Panda. Next time we will look at the Penguin update and how it relates to Panda and your website.


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