Have you been ppPicked on by the Penguin update?

Have you been picked on by the Penguin update and how is it different from the Panda update?

Penguin and Panda focus on different areas of Googles algorithm. If you saw a drop in rankings recently your need to know which of the two updates is responsible it may not be what you think.  As mentioned in our last post Panda targeted what are called ‘thin’ content sites of low quality and low value. Sites that contain badly written, copied or keyword stuffed articles of little value to the consumer. Penguin, on the other hand/flipper targets webspam, which is the gaming of the Google algorithm, unnatural link profiles, poor links.  If you then started to unravel what you thought were spammy links or vice versa addressing low quality content in the hope of regaining lost page rank, then you could be wasting time. Although, holistically you should be working on all these signals  generally in a constant bid to improve your web content and link profile. So make sure your SEO company or yourself are aware of the differences in Panda and Penguin, this will better help you work ot what needs changing.

There is a nice infographic overview of Penguin at the link here:

Penguin Infographic

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