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If you are confused by the ever changing landscape of SEO and Digital Marketing. Unsure as to whether you have enough time and budget to create effective Marketing Impact. If you feel you are in need of SEO help and advice. Then maybe now is the time to get in touch with the Deepblue Agency. We can consult ad hoc, help with short term strategy or become your in house marketing department for a lot less than you think and offer so much more than an intern or marketing manager or even work with both.


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Google is becoming more and more precise about the three main areas of SEO:

Onsite, Technical (under the bonnet programming and technical)
Onsite, Content (Articles, Images, Blogs)
Offsite, Inbound Marketing (such as Social Media, Linkbuilding, Outreach and Guest Blogging)

Google is tweaking and improving the Search Algorithm in these three areas more and more regularly.

It is tightening up on poor link building practices and reducing the power of backlinks. It is reducing the value of poorly written or ‘thin’ content and it is looking at other areas for ranking factors such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

It is a constant battle for any company to keep up with these changes and attempt to anticipate where Google will go next for its results.

We are often at the mercy of Googles next change.

From Conception to Creation to Clients to Conversion, we can help all along the way.

We are proposing more and more to our existing clients that we create a mixed marketing strategy so that we do not only concentrate on Google. We look at a wider range of Digital Marketing Tactics, such as Email Marketing, Brochure Design, Pay Per Click Advertising and much more.

The Deepblue Agency is a digital marketing department for companies without the budget for an in house marketing facility, or for those that require specialist marketing help. We have a long history of PR, print marketing, radio, TV and press that precedes the internet by many years.

With this in mind we can propose a marketing plan that not only includes SEO and the Metrics available via that channel but other creative marketing ideas and solutions as well. There are many areas we can work with you on to improve your client base, turnover and income.

The Deepblue Agency can help you from the very beginnings of logo design, right through to web design and build, marketing and business growth.


Call Kate or Jason Now on 0113 288 8522 for a chat.

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