Boost your Google rankings with a Deepblue video

Since Google introduced videos to their searching options in 2007; websites that include video have seen a massive SEO advantage. Google loves video.

If you are not ranking well for a key phrase, then the website above you probably utilises videos on their website. Even if you do not invest in SEO, we recommend all websites integrate video content. These are the benefits:

  • Statistics show that people are more likely to absorb and remember your message if it’s presented in a fun and creative manner.
  • YouTube announced that they receive 3 billion views per day, which accounts to nearly half of the world’s population viewing videos daily!
  • SEO rankings will naturally benefit from video content; many search engines give priority to websites containing videos.

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? This means that your YouTube content will directly influence your Google rankings.

The Deepblue Agency can create high quality canadian online casino reviews video content for your website. Discounted packages are also available when integrated with our Web Development and SEO services.

Take a look at one of our videos for the Sony Centre.

If you are interested in our video development, and how we can help your website with integrated video content, click on the link below.


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