Panda, Penguin and now Hummingbird


Are you wondering why your search engine rankings have dipped suddenly?

There are a couple reasons this might have happened. If The Deepblue Agency is managing your SEO, do not worry we are on the case and keeping an eye on things. If you have SEO done by another company or do it yourself then here are a few things you might want to consider.

You may still be getting hit by the latest versions of the Google updates named Penguin (Poor Link Building) & Panda (low quality content). Panda for example is now up around the 5 mark in terms of major releases, there have also been around 25 smaller version releases.

You may be seeing affects from Hummingbird, the biggest change to Google in 12 years. Hummingbird is looking with greater intelligence at your search queries. It takes the long phrases you now have to type and tries to get the overall meaning rather than just the individual words. Nobody yet knows if this will affect rank, but there are cases appearing of websites affected recently by something.

Google changes its search algorithms many times throughout the year. While most of these changes are minor, every few months Google roles out a ‘major’ algorithmic update that affects search results in significant ways. The only way to not get caught out by these updates, is to have a content rich and engaging website with an ongoing program of outreach, this all takes time and is hard to manage on your own and run a business.

In short:

Old Link Building strategies are getting penalised.
To stay ahead in the game, you need to be creative in your approach to SEO and link building.

If you thought your website could get away with:
• Links from pages having thin or poorly written content
• Poor quality links from irrelevant sites with low PR
• Links from sites crammed with advertisements
• Same content for multiple submissions
• Absence of SMO in the overall SEO plan
• Content farming with low value articles and blogs for Google/users
• No site moderation


The Deepblue Agency can keep track of all Google updates for you and tackle these changes before they start to hit your rankings and organic website traffic.

Our Link Building strategies are attuned to the latest Google Panda update and include:

• Incorporating links only from sites that have good quality content, good traffic and social sharing
• More relevant and thematic linking with high-quality content and sites
• Steering clear of deceptive, ad-heavy sites
• Using unique and top quality, content, every single time
• Incorporating SMO as the best way to genmosaic123erate traffic
• Focusing on local search that helps local business listings

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