In a recent monthly SEO meeting with a client who owns a nightclub chain, Deepblue were analysing the data provided by Google Analytics with the client. We were looking for opportunites, ways to attract more business and ways to improve the website. We pointed out, and the client was surprised to find, that the majority of his traffic by at least 100% was from mobile phones. (We are even able to show which mobiles, Apple, Android etc)

Naturally this prompted the client to request we build a mobile version of his site. As he was already considering rebuilding the main web sites soon anyway it was suggested that we build a responsive web site using a fluid grid system. This way we did not have to create two different web designs or build two web sites we create one reponsive web design. The single responsive website design will adapt with some clever web programming to whatever device is viewing it, be it Desktop, Tablet or Mobile.

You might think things are fine as your website is viewable on a mobile anyway, but this misses the point. A mobile version of your website requires a completely different layout that responds to the smaller screen size. A responsive website reconfigures the logo, main image and buttons in a fluid manner to stack up in a way that maintains their size for tapping, pinching and viewing.

In this particular case our clients customer base clearly informed this decision by being a younger demographic brought up using mobile phones and happy to surf the web via those devices. But it could also be an indication of a larger shift in the market place as to how people are viewing websites.

A quick glance around, if you use public transport or frequent a lot of coffee bars, and you will see how quickly this evolution has occurred and how the public are now surfing the internet whilst travelling or having a coffee. There may be an opportunity here for a quick win offering you another customer stream that you may have been missing. It may even be the case that for a short period you grab a lead on your rivals.

A quick overview of your Google Analytics can show what percentage of people are viewing your site on a mobile device. The fact that this number might be low, could be an indication that either your client base prefers the Desktop, or that the experience of viewing your site through a mobile device is not a happy one and therefore you need to upgrade to a responsive web design.

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