Google+ How Important is it to your SEO?

Using Google+ to improve you SEO



Once again The Deepblue Agency is keeping you up to date on the most recent developments out here in SEO land. This time we offer for your perusal insight into how and why Google+ has started to have a significant effect on your search engine rankings and what you can do about it to grab a piece of the action.

A recent report by our friends at SEO MOZ has highlighted that Google +1′s, after Page Authority may be the next highest reason you website gets ranked. Now remember there are over 200 signals Google uses to place your website, so this is by no means a silver bullet solution. But the data is showing that you should be considering it and adding Google +1′s to your mix.

There are plenty of reasons why Google Plus is becoming a force to be reckoned with. There is some arguement as to whether it was designed to be so SEO friendly but the facts are that:

  • Posts are Crawled Almost immediately.
  • Google Plus Post Pass Link Equity
  • Google Plus is optimised for semantic relevance
  • Google Authorship adds photos to your posts making them stand out
  • This may lead eventually to Google Author

So all indications point to the fact you should serioulsy consider

  • Building Relationships on Google +
  • Post Interesting Articles to attract Links
  • Add Google Authorship to your online content
  • Link Out to Relevant Content from your Google+ About Page
  • Take advantage of rel=”publisher” by connecting your website to your Google+ brand page
  • Make your content easy to share on Google+ with relevant social sharing buttons
  • Completely fill out your Google+ profile with relevant and engaging information
  • Make it easy for people to add you to your circles
  • Make your posts public

For more details of how to action the above yourself read the full article here

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