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If you run a small business you are going to be limited in how big your marketing budget is and what you can spend on SEO. You are going to want to leverage every penny of that budget and make it pay back. The problem is what do you best spend it on and what will show the optimum return on investment to help you compete locally against your rivals in the SEO battle.

In the old days you were pretty much limited to Local Newspapers, Local Radio and Leaflets, all of which could prove expensive and a bit hit and miss. Nowadays there is a whole host of cheaper alternatives from Email to Facebook, Pay Per Click to Twitter and more. These can all be used at minimum cost and maximum result. But there is a further way you can get even better results on a small budget.


Creativity in your strategic approach to these platforms and creativity in the ideas/tactics with which you approach.

There are many elements to your business, all of which can be used creatively and cost effectively or even free.
You have things, stuff, collatoral in your business that can be used strategically and creatively, things like

Case Studies
and much more.

All of which can be used on their own or combined to create interesting and attractive content and therefore link-building opportunities to improve your page ranking and traffic.

Why not get your staff talking about the business on the social networks (they are probably on it anyway), even a comment a day or observation will info-graphic. Get them to tell their friends about a voucher offer in your Coffee Shop or a friends and family day at your Gym.

If you have instructions on how to make the best cup of coffee in the world, or the best omelette, either post it online, or get someone to create an interesting info graphic about it.

Post Pictures of your office, shop, restaurant if there is something that you think would stand out, or offers a unique atmosphere to dine, work or play.

What is interesting about your products or offers? Take photos, shout about it. Post a picture of a sumptuous curry dish or amazing chocolate cake or a newly landscaped garden.

Ask a few of your well regarded customers to give testimonials or comments on a recent event, you will be surprised at the responses and how much people will love to advocate your pub, restaurant, shop.

So, lets take a few creative examples of marketing.

We worked with a small local pet shop with a limited budget in terms of ready cash. We proposed that they lend us from stock a Chicken coupe and buy a couple of chickens from their suppliers. We then chose a member of staff to document with video as he erected the chicken coupe over time, introduced chickens, looked after them, produced the first eggs etc. This took a few months to film and provided us with hours of footage, stories and information which we built into a Blog page. We called the Blog Charlies Chicken Diaries. For other reasons the client decided to get out of the pet shop industry, but in the short period we were working on his SEO, he saw huge gains in traffic. A small example of what we mean by creative SEO.

Asgard is a developer of metal storage solutions for bikes, motorbikes, and garden equipment. We sent one of there bike storage solutions to a well known bike magazine. We asked the staff to spend some time trying to break into it. We filmed them doing this and then put the edited footage on Youtube. The video has presently had 6664 views.

Live Laugh Love sell items of Shabby Chic. We asked Live Laugh Love to send us a selection of their products. On arrival we packaged up these products into smaller units and identified influential Bloggers and writers in the areas of home decoration and interior design. We sent samples of the products to these bloggers. We ended up with some amazing responses and quality links, photos and articles for next to nothing.

Make sure your Google+ and Google Places account is properly set up and properly filled out. See out last Blog for further information on the benefits of Google+. Simple to set up and costs nothing.

So as you can see from these examples and the ideas above, you do not have to break the bank to produce quality marketing and improve your SEO locally.

At the Deepblue Agency we are used to working with small as well as a large companies on limited budgets and squeezing the most out of those budgets.
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