Digital Marketing can be a confusing issue for many businesses.

Questions like, why are my stats dropping, why am I not ranking for X, Y or Z, what is my digital marketing company actually doing, how many links have they built, how is social media complimenting my digital marketing strategy?

Are all questions we often hear when meeting new clients.

At the Deepblue Agency we are constantly upgrading and updating our digital marketing techniques and how we present reports and statistics. We try to actively involve the client, whilst not confusing with too much digital marketing jargon. With many clients it is all about results, it is about moving the needle so that ranking improves and sales increase. They might not want to know every detail about their digital marketing campaign, but want to know how their budget is used on a monthly basis.

So here are a few of the techniques the Deepblue Agency apply when managing your digital marketing campaign.

1. Using online management and reporting systems we add our clients to an online project management system that shows real time information about their digital marketing campaign, what areas are being worked on presently and what will be completed further into their digital marketing campaign.

2. We can hold weekly conference calls if required or just call monthly to explain the work completed. We can offer key performance indicators (KPIs) at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. KPIs will have been agreed with each client before the campaign begins, with the clients own KPIs welcomed into the mix. We use these as targets, to show confidence in our abilities and trust for the clients.

3. We constantly hold ourselves accountable to the client and to ourselves in terms of what targets we have agreed. Our focus is on servicing the client, understanding their business and helping to improve their understanding of digital marketing.

4. We will show you a POC (program of change over time), which we can all agree to, as well as the costing for doing this.

5. You could have a fully dedicated team of professionals working on your digital marketing and traditional marketing strategies and tactics.

And this is just the start.

If you feel you are not getting the true picture from your digital marketing company and you feel more should be done, why not call Kate or Emma on 0113 288 8522, we would be happy todemonstrate our digital marketing strategies to you and give you an indication to areas that require improvement on your website.

Or if you would prefer to send us an email we would love to hear from you here at the  Deepblue Agency. 

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