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A Digital Marketing Strategy tailored to your Business and Marketing Requirements!

Successful 'business to business' marketing is all about making the right connections with your targeted audience before your competitors beat you to it.

Changing customer buying habits, coupled with a vast range of both traditional and digital media has made picking the right one for your business harder than ever.

Deepblue’s experience in the digital marketing field is second to none. For over 25 years we have assisted companies maximize their return by offering a complete media mix, including direct address mail, solus post code defined distribution, local press insertion, tv, radio and the internet, to name but a few.

We have over twenty five years of offline marketing and ten years experience of online marketing and are able to give you advice in many areas. Please feel free to call us at any point.

The sort of help we can offer includes:

Market Research

Identifying all factors affecting "the market place" through "desk research" of market trends by market segment and key competitor activity. "Quantitative and qualitative" research to identify with clarity the motivations and wishes of all those whose views and wishes are of importance to the success, carried out Market Research Society recognised research executives.

Targeting Techniques

Identifying those for whom the package offered will have the strongest appeal by:

  • Database analysis - your records and those of others: who buys, when do they buy and what are their motivations?
  • Socio-demographic methods such as Mosaic. We hold CCN information on computer record so we could rapidly analyse your data base to determine which are the most productive groups to target for a specified offer.
  • Interest groups: by lifestyle eg the active, older, more affluent, ...and much more!
  • It's often the case that it's only by using multiple factors for targeting (eg those living within a specified drivetime area, with known interests etc.) that the highest response rates can be achieved. Again, we can devise a matrix which identifies, ranks and addresses each of the factors affecting the "buying decision" within the context of overall marketing strategy

Boosting Sales

We've extensive experience of: Identifying the key determinants for improving response rates and Putting in place strategies to maximise conversion rates; turning interest into sales.

Media Buying

Two forms of help:

  • Campaign planning to reach a specified audience with precision at the lowest cost per response
  • A substantial reduction on the rates charged for any advertising medium. Achieved by constant negotiation with the media to buy advertising space below "rate card" published prices and return all savings to the client

Direct Response

Accessing solely those groups most likely to buy with the most powerful message. Our skills in this area include:

  • List production of those with the key characteristics of those most likely to buy
  • Production of the direct response strategy inclusive of medium and message to maximise response rates
  • There are a number of so called "Piggy back" marketing techniques (working with a variety of non-competitive organisations) which yield substantial benefits. These arrangements offer the opportunity of lower marketing costs and improved targeting through the nature of the audience they reach.

Selling "Off the page"

Producing strategy and tactics for the highest response rates and the lowest marketing cost per response.

As well as the familiar "selling off the page" strategies, we also have strong links with a number of "readers clubs" and the like who are keen to make offers to their members.

Copy Writing

We've written extensively for a wide variety of audiences. Past work includes tabloid 24 page colour tourism newspapers, 76 page visitor guides, a booklet for the Australian Bicentennial celebrations which topped the local non-fiction best sellers lists as well as hundreds of leaflets, pieces of direct mail, and other print work. We also have an extensive library of radio, TV commercials and AV work (samples of all are available from our portfolio)

INCREASE SALES with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and professional ways for your sales and marketing messages to reach large groups of people via email.

  • sending html email-based newsletters
  • launching new products or services
  • testing likely responses to planned marketing or sales campaigns
  • introducing price changes
  • making company/staff announcements
  • obtaining customer services feedback


If you have a database of existing or potential customers that you want to communicate the same information to, without revealing hundreds of email addresses to everyone in the same mailing, or without having to do each one manually, this email marketing software is the ideal solution for you.


Email marketing lets you create multiple groups of email recipients, so you can send tailored messages to different segments of users and/or customers! There's even a facility to tell you how many people have opened them and how many times they have read your mailing!

Email marketing is ideal for any company wishing to send bulk email marketing mailings to companies or individuals. No matter what you do, there are times when you need to reach people en Masse. Deep Blue's email marketing makes the process simple and enhances your professional image while you do it!