Google+ Top Tips for Improving your Company Pages

Here at the Deepblue Agency we have been dipping our toes a little more into Google+. Is it on is it off, will it go anywhere. Well, recent results show that Google+ is starting to gain some ground and people are starting to pick up on it and create business pages. Similar to Facebook Pages in how they are administered.

So it maybe time to have a bit of a closer look and pay special attention to areas listed below.

Page Profile Picture

Using your company logo or similar, this should be the first polish for your company page.
Crop to a square. The full profile image is 200 X 200px and then the thumbnail is 48 X 48px.

Keyword-Rich Text Fields

Now start filling in the Tagline, Introduction, and the Contact/Website fields. In the Tagline, describe your company in a similar way to the meta tag in a website’s header. Google advises about ten words here. The Introduction field is an “About” summary section here you can go into more depth about your company, products etc

These fields need to be as complete as possible, as they are indexed by Google (and perhaps other search engines, although it is most likely too early to tell).

Promoting The Profile

Why not add  +1 button on the websites you are wanting to promote. Similar to the Facebook Fan Box, it allows website visitors to instantly connect to the company’s social media profiles without actually having to go to an external site. Visitors may need to log in through a pop-up window, but usually that is more convenient than going to another website entirely.


We have been busy uploading many a photo to give the otherwise austere Google+ Pages a bit of an interesting facelift. Members of staff products, buildings, whatever you have to give visitors a better idea of what you are about.

Promote Internal Marketing

Now you need to get everyone in the company on board with this. There may be certain members allowed more access than others and giving admin rights. But at the very least you can send out invites to office members to allow them to join your circles. The more join the wider the circle of influence grows.

So a few tips to spice up your burgeoning Google+ Company Pages which we hope you find useful

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