Top Steps to Choosing a Quality SEO Company

The Deepblue Agency prides itself on been one of the original and best (in our opinion) SEO and Web Design companies in Leeds, we created our first web designs in Leeds around 1998 and started SEO and marketing for companies in Leeds, Yorkshire and then the UK around 2005, so we have been round a long time, which is important for a lot of our clients in terms of stability.

Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing and now Inbound Marketing have come a long way in that time and our webdesign clients these days have a far better understanding of their web site design and SEO requirements. SEO Agencies should now have the ability to measure and quantify an SEO strategy whilst showing a return on the SEO investment the clients put in.

As always SEO Companies even in Leeds are one step (or ten!) behind the Google Algorithm, but if a few basic rules are adhered to, which have been part of the SEO landscape from the start, then you should not go too far wrong and you should not see a drop in your page ranking if you keep on top of it. Usually a drop in ranking, as seen with the recent Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, is down to historical attempts to get round or game the Google algorithm. We have all tried this in the past, some unknowingly, some more than others and now, in varying degrees we are seeing the penalty. These sorts of tactics, known as Black hat SEO, still go on to this day, but it is a short term option and you will loose out in the end. You need to build a strong SEO base which will stand up to the changes Google brings.

The Deepblue Agency have moved a long way from the dark ages of early SEO. Nowadays, the Deepblue Agency set out to educate, inform and be transparent about SEO or Inbound Marketing as some companies have renamed it. We are willing to take clients as far down the SEO rabbit hole as they are willing to go.

How far we take you and how much you want to know about SEO is obviously dependent on your own internal resources and time available. We have often worked with in house SEO teams, interns and staff. This allows us to move on the bigger overall SEO strategy. Whilst offering SEO consultation, advice and planning.

Googles’ remit, as mentioned by Matt Cutts the spokesperson for Google, is that you should build a quality website with quality changing content and then pray. Google does not like you to use an SEO company like The Deepblue Agency to try and game Google or get round the Google algorithm. On the other hand they accept you may not have the resources or understanding to do your own SEO and keep up with Google and its best practices.

It may not be a good use of your resources to do your own SEO. You will get better results outsourcing your SEO to a company like the Deepblue Agency Leeds. As long as the SEO company do what they have promised, are transparent and can show a return on your investment and keep you up to date with latest developments.

So, if you are struggling with your SEO, know nothing and would like to learn more, or are not happy with your present SEO or Digital Marketing Company then it might be worth calling the Deepblue Agency for a chat.

Call Kate or Jason now on 0113 288 8522 and we would be glad to chat.

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