after a very succesful SEO Surgery this morning at the Leeds Chamber of Commerce, we thought we would distill down some of the information from the two hour seminar for those that did not manage to make it.

The seminar charted the history of SEO and Search Engines, how SEO got to where we are and what the future might hold for SEO.


1. In the beginning search engines such as Yahoo and Lycos (there were many more) were purely directories and often hand built by humans.

2. Search results were eventually ranked based on Keyword Density, Meta Descriptions and Doorway Pages, this was open to abuse.

3. Google created Page Rank in 1998, this ranked websites based on backlinks, a backlink being a vote in the sites favour, amongst other factors.

4. Google started to outstrip its rivals with better quality search results. Google looks at over 200 variable to help it rank a page.

5. Google updated its database every 1 or 2 months, this was known as the Google Dance.

6. Google also improved how it searched with upgrades such as Florida, Caffeine, Panda, Penguin and recently Hummingbird.

7. Google is concentrating more on Brands and advises back links should be branded links.

8. Google+ is starting to appear in search results.

9. ‘Not Provided’ has restricted access to the terms people are searching for, although not on PPC.

10. SEO has become more of a creative process in terms of outreach, blog writing, article writing and publicity.

So in summary over the years SEO’s have tried many different ways to game/work with Google and adapt to the changes imposed for better or for worse to achieve quality rankings for their clients. But Google has always maintained one line of arguement. Basically build a high quality website with good changing content and pray. Google gives the impression that you should not use an SEO agency like Deepblue, but our clients do not often have the time to do a lot of the work themselves as they are selling, SOFAS, SHEDS, ORNAMENTS etc so our clients allow us to concentrate on achieving the ranking, keeping up with the Google updates and the changing SEO scenery while they concentrate on their customers.

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