Asgard Metal Sheds Case Study, from Web Design to SEO

The Deepblue Agency Leeds, prove their Metal by increasing Asgard Metal Shedsonline turnover four-fold through a combination of quality web design and SEO.

Having secured the Asgard Metal Sheds account a little over 18 months ago, the first task which faced the Deepblue Agency was to give the Asgard website some much needed TLC and a web design makeover.

Faced with a major web redesign and an upgrade to the Magento Ecommerce platform, we started as we always do by taking a step back and identifying what worked and what didn’t through the eyes of a consumer, rather than those of the designer.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that all too often, creative teams design websites to charm fellow creatives, while forgetting about the people who are actually going to use the site once it’s up and running and how it might work in terms of marketing and SEO.

We started with a clear objective – to produce a metal sheds website that would be both usable and pleasing to the public, delivers information clearly, and yet is technically sound from an SEO and Digital Marketing perspective.
These ingredients are vital to a websites long term success. No matter how good the product might be  you are selling, if these rules aren’t implemented properly, then you won’t be selling very much of anything if the website is not found.

Metal storage sheds may not be the sexiest product in the world, but their popularity has increased measurably over the last few years, with more and more customers now favouring the added security and robustness that a metal shed offers, rather than the more traditional wooden variety which, all too often fall victim to vandals, burglars and the inclement weather.

It was vital, therefore, that the ‘look and feel’ of the new Asgard website should reflect these benefits, starting with the design and layout – It’s widely accepted that you’ve got less than 20 seconds to grab attention before users click away, so it’s vital that the website looks the part.
It’s also important to remember that your home page is an introduction to millions of potential customers, and their first opinion of your business will be instantaneous!

In order to instigate these ideas for the Asgard website, the Deepblue web design team implemented the three processes that are fundamental to good web design.

The Deepblue Agency first set about choosing a colour scheme that combined both the Asgard branding of red and black with several secondary colours consisiting of blue, green and orange. These bold, bright colours highlighted the main category pages without interfering with the numerous information links which retained the corporate red. A cool grey was finally introduced to tone down the overall appearance, adding a dose of contrast and balance. Colour is a great way of distinguishing between different categories and directing users where to look for information on a busy site or allowing visitors a clear route to sale.

A good clean layout is one of the most important aspects for anyone visiting a website. Whilst colour schemes and the correct use of fonts and imagery can be subjective, navigating you way around a site quickly and easily is not.

Several factors were therefore carefully considered when deciding the overall blueprint for the Asgard site, starting with the Asgard logo. This was positioned in the top left hand corner of the page as it’s perceived to be the first place users look when visiting a website. Below that came the menu bar and key statements or USP’s (Unique Selling Points) which included Asgard’s 10 year warranty and their free UK delivery.
We then introduced Asgard’s main three product categories; motorcycle storage, secure bike storage and metal garden sheds which were easily identifiable using a different colour scheme for each one. The colours were carried throughout each category page offering familiarity for the user.

The layout was completed by inserting a full product listing down the left hand side of the page for easy navigation purposes. To the right, six products were then inserted allowing the user to ‘take in’ visually the range of products that were available.

It’s worth noting that people decipher a website like they would any other form of communication – left to right and top to bottom – so it’s more desirable that a companies virtues are highlighted as close to the top of the page as possible.

The initial concepts didn’t blow the client away but they were a start and something to work on. It was Deepblue’s industry/technical knowledge when we visited and we spoke to the client that gave Asgard confidence to move forwards with us knowing they would be in safe hands overall from concept to completion.

Web design isn’t just about making the home page look pretty. It’s also the tool used for navigating users from page to page with as little fuss as possible. There are certain things people expect when visiting a website and not offering them causes confusion and frustration. For example, if text has an underline, you expect it to be a link – doing otherwise is not good usability practice.

Thinking about what users expected when visiting the Asgard site played a large part in the overall design and layout. Examples of this included eye catching, informative graphics, an easy to digest company profile, accessible ‘search’ box and contact numbers plus easy to understand terminologies.

Another good idea is to be as consistent as possible throughout the design process – size of headings, choice of fonts, button styles and alignment go a long way to making the whole usability experience more rewarding, resulting in users staying on the site for longer.

Feedback subsequently has proved the case with an overall thumbs up from customers regarding the new site design.

In conclusion, Asgard’s website – which took over three months to design and build – is a leading component in turning the company into one of the UK’s premiere manufacturers of metal storage systems with turnover increasing month by month.

Online turnover increased by 45% from March to December following Deep Blues work-
Bounce rate down to .2%
Buying in one visit at 76%

The Deepblue Agency’s technical skills were the winner for me – whatever I asked for they were able to figure out a way to do it, they knew much more than many other companies, yet present that knowledge in an informal understandable way.

Their experience in the market place – their marketing ideas (in particular Live chat) took Asgard to a new level of customer usability and changed the business for the better.

Their ad-hoc training has been quality, I ask a question I normally get an answer pretty quickly.

Their web design/implementation (and patience) skills have been faultless from start to finish – Hence job number 2 is the Flexiform website (that company is now standing at around 12 milliion in turnover) – Following this will be the trade website

The Asgard cart/buying system used to be very poor and is now improved beyond all recognition – this was very important to us. The new cart is great, nice, easy to understand visual of cart contents, multiple options for installation, all handled really well and has contributed to our increased turnover.

The site is also hosted on a better specification of server allowing for quicker loading and no downtime.

The Deepblue agency also made sure that the SEO acquired by the old site was transferred smoothly to the new site managing all the redirects to the new site. Subsequently on the back of the smooth launch of the new site, the Deepblue Agency were awarded the SEO contract as well for the site. In a turbulent year in terms of Google releasing the Panda update, the Penguin update and the Hummingbird update many sites have seen a loss of ranking. Asgard was no exception. Now with an SEO strategy more focused on creativity and not just concentrating on Google, Link Building and Ranking the Deepblue Agency have helped Asgard further improve turnover and maintain visits.

For further information regarding Asgard’s range of Motorcycle Metal Storage Sheds, Metal Storage Bike Shelters or Metal Garden Sheds, visit:

If you would like to talk to The Deepblue Agency about improving your online presence your web design, SEO and Marketing, please do not hesitate to call Emma or Kate on 0113 288 8522



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