Why use a Facebook Developer for your Business Page

Facebook has become one of the ideal, essential, modern marketing tools for business. If used correctly it will boost company profile and profit in a very cost effective manner. – Facebook has around 850 million monthly users and is a very effective marketing tool. Able to reach an ever-increasing audience of potential customers.  Letting a professional Facebook Developer like The Deepblue Agency manage your Facebook Business Page as a social media marketing tool will equate to advertising gold.

What a Facebook Developer will do: – The Deepblue Agency’s strategic Facebook marketing activities will communicate information to an ever increasing audience, leading to improved business leads and profit. The more “likes” you have, the more people see your Facebook posts. We use tried and tested methods such as ‘Fan-gating’ that quickly increase how many people “like” your page. Deepblue Agency can manage your Facebook business page on a daily basis to target specific individuals and increase your customer base. Roughly five posts a day is a reasonable amount and this will show a measureable return on investment. Deepblue Agency’s targeted marketing exercises will have strong calls to action that will promote your business and products to increase sales. Also, by adding additional page tabs you will greatly increase customer engagement. Tabs for videos, events, latest products, reviews and a help forum would be highly beneficial. The Deepblue Agency can keep your Facebook business page socially active with varied content, competition and updates.

Experience tells us that a variety of posts make Facebook business pages effective, so for every single direct product promotion there would be roughly three other posts of related interest. This appeals, as people don’t want to be constantly bombarded with hard sell but do want to see things of interest. The more they are looking at your Facebook business page, the more they are being reminded of the your company and the products you sell. Also, with a Facebook Application, you can add much more interactivity and enjoyment to your Facebook page and improve customer retention.

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