Apps, Web Apps, Mobile Apps which one?

So iPads, iphones, Android htc mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more the preferred vehicle for viewing online. Should you have an App built or should you have a Web App (MobileApp) built?. What is the difference?At The Deepblue Agency we would suggest in the first instance building a Web App (or webapp or mobile app), this is simply a resized or reconfigured version of your website designed for Tablets and Mobile Phones. It looks like and App but it is not the same as an App and costs nowhere near as much to develop, it does not require approval on the app store but it does require a wireless connection as would a normal website.

If you are then happy with your Web App and want to take it a step further, Deepblue can help in creating an App proper for your product. The simple definition of an App would one that by switching to airplane mode the app works without access to the internet. At the Deepblue agency we can help you get your App project off the ground cost effectively and without the usual expensive high end programming call us if you would like to know more.

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