App Development


App Development

These days there’s an App for everything available on the Apple Store and Android Market. This new age of electronic interactivity means marketing is ever evolving and one of the key tools to boost business is an App. If your company does not have an App then you’re really missing the opportunity to optimise potential. To explain more about this here are some examples that illustrate why Apps are one of the best modern marketing tools available. Deepblue specialises in producing Apps that will help your business because:

  • Apps are one of the best marketing tools to promote your business.
  • Apps attract new customers and strengthen your existing customer base.
  • Apps can build relationships and enhance the visibility of your brand.
  • Apps enhance the loyalty of existing customers through on-going interaction.
  • Apps allow you to promote your company’s services.

The Deepblue Agency can develop an App that’s right for you and your business and below are the types of Apps available.

- A Native App is an entirely self-contained application and is distributed via either the App Store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android). An example of a Native App that Deepblue has developed is Interview Bites, which was built to help individuals prepare for interviews in a variety of ways.

- A Hybrid App combines elements a Native App and a Mobile Website. Using website technology Hybrid Apps are sold on App stores and for the Android market. Interview Bites is an example of a Hybrid App that we developed.

- A Simple Mobile App replicates the look and feel of a Native App. Although not an App in the conventional sense, a mobile website displays your website’s information in a mobile friendly way that aims to replicate the look and feel of a Native App. Deepblue has recently built a mobile website for the taxi firm that has made it easier for customers to find out more about the company, open an account, book a taxi and contact the firm.

- A Facebook App is for your Facebook business page. As an interactive addition to your Facebook page this type of app will increase brand recognition and engage customers in a creative, fun way. Deepblue recently built a Facebook App for the perfume retailer The Fragrance Shop. The "Spray a little Happiness" Facebook App has been highly successful as an interactive marketing tool and you can see it by clicking the logo below.

- A Web App runs in a web browser and can be a hugely beneficial feature to a companies website. A Web App is a piece of software that runs in a web browser. An example of a Deepblue Web App was developed for a company called Reforma that specialises in bespoke vehicle wrapping and customisation. Deepblue made the Car Builder Web App that enabled Reformer’s customers to see the way their vehicles would look depending on the model and the customisation possibilities on offer.

Please don’t hesitate and contact us today as to how we can help you develop your app.

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